Developing novel targeted actives for the boron neutron capture therapy of brain tumours
J.R. Smith*, S.C. Higgins, J. Tsibouklis (PhD student: Ashton Peat), Self-funded PhD student, P/T, £19,350, Feb 2017-Jan 2023.

Making molecules
J.R. Smith*, Science Faculty Outreach Project, £500, Jun 2016.

Enhancing the chemistry experience of pharmacy undergraduates
J.R. Smith*, J. Chalke, J. Cagnon (PhD student: Ramen Farahani), Self-funded PhD student, P/T, £16,490, Oct 2016-Sep 2022.

Therapeutic effects of biguanides on brain tumours
J.R. Smith*, S.C. Higgins, P.B. Nunn (PhD student: Rita Buttrus), Self-funded PhD student, £57,530, Sep 2016-Aug 2019.

Properties and performance of materials for marine cable connector assemblies
J.R. Smith*, J. Joseph (MPhil/PhD student), Z. Zhang, M. Webb, Teledyne-Impulse PDM, £14,530, Oct 2014-Sep 2017.

Creative interpretations of the microworld
J.R. Smith*, in conjunction with artists J. Lea, J.E. Smith, S. Schulkins and L. Owen-Hussey, Royal Microscopical Society: Vice President's Fund Award, £3,000, Dec 2012-Nov 2013.

AFM consultancy
J.R. Smith*, Kao, Japan, £6,990, Jul 2012-Jul 2012.

AFM consultancy
J.R. Smith*, Kao, Japan, £7,115, Apr 2012-Jul 2012.

Formulation and preliminary evaluation of delivery vehicles for the boron neutron capture therapy of cancer
J. Tsibouklis*, J.R. Smith (PhD student: Temidayo Olusanya), student self-funded, £64,400, Feb 2009-Apr 2015.

Trans-channel advanced microscopy network
D. Gorecki*, G. Pilkington, A.M. Butt, F. Schubert, M. Guille, J.R. Smith, C. Young, European Commission, £299,829, Feb 2009-Jan 2012.

Towards the determination of surface energy at the nanoscale
J.R. Smith*, E. Barbu, T.G. Nevell, C. Willis, J. Tsibouklis (PhD student: Dimitrios Lamprou), IBBS, £51,720, Oct 2006-Sep 2009.

Control of a multifunctional enzyme through subunit assembly
K. Firman*, J.R. Smith, S.A. Campbell, J. Youell (PhD student: Aneta Sikora), IBBS, £51,720, Oct 2006-Aug 2010.

Polymer-metal stability studies
S.A. Campbell*, J.R. Smith, I.B. Beech; PhD/Knowledge Transfer Associate (KTP) (PhD student: Zakari Makama), PDM Neptec Subsea Engineering, £104,900, Mar 2007-Mar 2009.

Incorporation of antischistosomiasis agents into polyheterocycles and DFT calculations of their precursors
S.A. Campbell*, J.R. Smith* (PhD student: Yanhong Li), student self-funded, £20,470, Feb 2005-Aug 2010.

Protein-protein interactions involved in the function of EcoR124I
K. Firman*, J.R. Smith, J. Youell (PhD student: Peter Coxhead), £51,700, Oct 2004-Jul 2008.

Dynamic vapour sorption apparatus
J.K. Shute*, J.R. Smith, J. Shur, T.G. Nevell, UoP, £49,500, 2006.

AFM nanoindentation studies on hair
J.R. Smith*, Natura, Brazil, £3,300, Nov 2005-Dec 2005.

AFM examination of hair fibres
J.R. Smith*, Procter & Gamble, £670, Nov 2005.

AFM analysis of bacteria exposed to 'a commercial product'
J.R. Smith*, Oculus Innovative Sciences, CA, USA, £3,820, Oct 2005-Dec 2005.

AFM study of 18-MEA on human hair
J.R. Smith*, L'Oreal Research, France, £8,950, May 2004-Aug 2004.

AFM/LFM evaluation of 'a commercial product'
J.R. Smith*, Croda Chemicals Europe (Postdoc: Steve Breakspear), £2,588, Sep 2003-Sep 2003.

Bid for SRIF funding for a Digital Instruments atomic force microscope
J.R. Smith*, UoP, £165,858, Aug 2003.

Quantitative AFM friction measurements of human hair
J.R. Smith*, L'Oreal Research, France (Postdoc: Steve Breakspear), £9,917, May 2003-Aug 2003.

Cystic fibrosis lung drug delivery (funding for spray drier)
J.R. Smith*, Royal Society, £10,000, Apr 2003-Mar 2004.

Formulated muco-regulatory agents in the airways of patients with cystic fibrosis
J.R. Smith*, J.K. Shute, T.G. Nevell (PhD student: Jagdeep Shur), IBBS, £51,700, Oct 2002-May 2006.

Travel Grant: Heidelberg
J.R. Smith*, Royal Microscopical Society, £250, May 2001.

Travel Grant: Aachen
J.R. Smith*, Royal Microscopical Society, £250, Sep 2000.

18-MEA lipid on hair cuticle by AFM
J.R. Smith*, Royal Society, £6,055, Oct 1998-Jan 1999.

AFM studies of the 18-MEA lipid on outer hair cuticle surfaces
J.R. Smith*, Royal Society of Chemistry, £960, Oct 1098-Mar 1999.

Thermal conductivity measurements
J.R. Smith*, INSPEC UK, £700, Aug 1998.

Travel Grant: Maastricht
J.R. Smith*, Royal Microscopical Society, £250, Apr 1998.

Organic Synthesis
J.R. Smith*, Univ West of England, £513, Apr 1997.

AFM examination of hair fibres
J.R. Smith*, Procter & Gamble, £575, Apr 1997.

AFM consultancy
J.R. Smith*, Wesley Jessen PBH, £952, Feb 1997.

> £500 listed, except travel grants; all excl. VAT; *PI / First Supervisor

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