Research Interests

Research Themes

An overarching theme of many of my current research interests focuses on the use of modern physical and imaging techniques to monitor and prevent the invasion and migration of high grade brain tumour cells. Approaches include tumour treating fields (TTF), boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) and mitochondria targeting using biguanide drugs. Imaging techniques include atomic force microscopy and live cell imaging. My background in chemistry, electrochemistry and material science provides a novel slant to this research and serves other unrelated, but equally enjoyable industrially sponsored projects.
Current Projects


1. Jamila Joseph (PhD, P/T, 1st supervisor, 2014-2018): Properties and performance testing of materials for marine cable connector assemblies
2. Rita Buttrus (PhD, F/T, 1st supervisor, F/T, 2016-2019): Therapeutic effects of biguanides on brain tumours
3. Scott Elliott (PhD, P/T, 3rd supervisor, 2014-2018): Identification of altered expression of coagulation factors of the extrinsic coagulation cascade in lung sections from fatal asthma patients
4. Ashton Peat (PhD, P/T, 1st supervisor, 2017-2022): Developing novel targeted actives for the boron neutron capture therapy of brain tumours


None currently.


None currently.

Recently Completed Projects

1. Snezhana Gaifieva (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2017-2018): Synthesis of metformin hydrochloride and determination of dimethylamine in metformin hydrochloride using different analytical techniques
2. Daniel Melrose (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2017-2018): Synthesis of phenformin and its spectroscopic characterisation
3. Endri Sefgjinaj (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2017-2018): Synthesis of buformin hydrochloride and its spectroscopic analysis
4. Myrianni Constantinou (2nd supervisor, 2016-2017): Understanding the role of HGF induced MMP-1 generated angiogenesis
5. Kani Haki (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2016-2017): Synthesis and spectroscopic characterisation of biguanides
6. Andrew Wenham (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2016-2017): Characterisation of polyols used in the synthesis of polyurethanes
7. Ngozi Okpala (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2016-2017): Synthesis and characterisation of compounds of therapeutic interest using the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction
8. Roshni Patel (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2016-2017): Synthesis and AFM characterisation of polyurethanes for use as biomedical materials
9. Chris Howell (MRes, 2nd supervisor, 2015-2016): Understanding bronchial epithelial repair in asthma
10. Megan Eynon (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2015-2016): Synthesis and spectroscopic characterisation of biguanides
11. Tugba Tabak (MPharm, 1st supervisor, 2015-2016): Improving 3,5-diphenylisoxazoline and gramine synthesis practicals for MPharm students
12. Sebastien Josse (ESCOM internship, 1st supervisor, 2015): AFM animation project

PhD Students Completed

1. Temidayo Olusanya (2009-2015): Formulation and preliminary evaluation of delivery vehicles for the boron neutron capture therapy of cancer
Next employer: University of Sunderland
2. Zakari Makama (2007-2011): Cathodic delamination of modelled sea cable connector assemblies
Next employer: University of Oklahoma
3. Aneta E. Sikora (2006-2011): Structure-function analysis of a multifunctional enzyme using the atomic force microscope
Next employer: National Physical Laboratory
4. Yanhong Li (2005-2010): A study of the incorporation of antischistosomiasis drugs into polyheterocycles and DFT calculations on polymer precursors
Next employer: Asia Foods
5. Dimitris A. Lamprou (2006-2009): Towards the determination of surface energy at the nanoscale
Next employer: University of Strathclyde
6. Peter Coxhead (2004-2008): Protein-protein interactions involved in the function of EcoR124I
Next employer: University of Portsmouth
7. Jag Shur (2002-2006): Formulated muco-regulatory agents in the airways of patients with cystic fibrosis
Next employer: University of Bath

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